For most people, wearing fine jewelry makes a bold statement. Jewelry undoubtedly makes a great conversation piece, as it is almost always noticed. There are many types of exceptional jewelry. They can be rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.


For those who are interested in fine jewelry, they need to focus on which are the best resources for finding and buying it. Many options can be used for buying pieces that are either mass-produced or handmade.

What is Considered Fine Jewelry?

Fine jewelry is more expensive and higher-end than costume or fashion jewelry. Traditionally, fine jewelry is thought to be made with the highest quality gold, platinum, and precious gemstones.

What is the Greatest Difference Between Fine and Fashion Jewelry?

The difference between these two types of jewelry is the authenticity of the stones and gems, and the quality of the metal used to make them. Fine jewelry is always made with natural gemstones, precious metals, diamonds or natural pearls. At times, fashion jewelry may contain some expensive metal pieces.

Does Fine Jewelry Contain Gold Filling?

Fine jewelry is made from solid gold and platinum group metals. Gold-filled simply means it contains more gold alloy than plated gold. Gold-filled jewelry is of higher quality than gold plated jewelry.

What is Real Gold?

A piece of jewelry’s real gold content is measured by karats. A higher percentage of gold is associated with the higher the karat number. A 100% pure gold product is 24 karat. That is the highest karat value. Lower value gold is combined with other metals. This makes it stronger.

How Can You Test a Piece of Jewelry to Know If it is Real Gold?

A test you can do to check if the jewelry is made of real gold is the scratch test. Make a tiny scratch on the item with a nail file. Apply a small drop of nitric acid on the scratch. The piece is probably real gold if there is no reaction from the nitric acid.

Should I Have My Fine Jewelry Appraised and Insured?

If you own any high-value fine jewelry, it is essential to have it appraised. Provide this appraisal to your insurance company, and have it insured for replacement value. Always keep your fine jewelry in a safe place in your home. Keep your valuables out of sight. A home safe would be optimum. A fire-resistant safe would be best.