For those who are going to own jewelry, they need a proper way of storing and protecting in. The common item used for this is jewelry boxes.

Decorative Boxes

There are many different types of decorative boxes and each has their own specific uses. Most often, these types of boxes are used for the storage of small, precious, and important items.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes come in the category of trinket boxes. With their main purpose being to protect different types of jewelry. These particular boxes come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing one, there are some things that need to be considered.

Jewelry Boxes with Lights

One type of jewelry box that is very popular and is convenient are those that have built-in lights. These are usually reserved for the larger type of jewelry boxes. When the lighting is used in the smaller boxes, this is normally more for decorative purposes. Whereas with the larger boxes, it is for convenience of being able to easily see the different jewelry items that are contained in the box.

Musical Jewelry Boxes

Many adults have fond memories of receiving their first jewelry box that came with music. When they opened the lid, there was likely a pretty little ballerina twirling about to a favorite tune. These were not jewelry boxes that were built for practical purposes. Being as they were usually quite small. However, there was enough room in them to store a few pieces of small jewelry. Some of them had drawers built into them, which make them more practical for their intended use. Many of the children who receive this type of jewelry box as a gift will cherish it for many years to come.

Stacking Jewelry Boxes

For those who have a lot of jewelry, these are a great choice. More pieces can be added to them as the necessity arises. They are comprised of individual trays that can be stacked one upon the other. Normally they are lined with a soft material so it can protect the precious jewelry.

Mirrored Jewelry Boxes

Aside from the design of the jewelry boxes, what often attracts attention is the decor of the box itself. One that is a favorite of many is the mirrored boxes. These are simply covered in mirrors which allows them to blend in nicely in the setting they are placed in. This can help to enhance the security of keeping the jewelry box hidden a bit.

Locked Jewelry Boxes

While some people buy jewelry boxes because they are attracted to how pretty they are others buy them for their functionality. A lot of people use these for expensive jewelry. While really expensive jewelry should be kept in a safe. A locked jewelry box is a step up in protecting the jewelry from theft. Some of the older types are made with the traditional lock and key. Newer, more modern ones are comprised of a lock that is opened with a code.

There are plenty of great choices when it comes to choosing the right jewelry box.